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VERSATILE PRETIED Linen Denim Blue (with Velvet Grip)

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    • The Versatile Pretied has an open back. You can wear it as is or tuck the tail into the adjustable band. You can also take the two ends and make an additional knot for a more snug fit. This scarf fits all head sizes.
    • Our Luxe Linen Solids line is crafted from long-lasting, premium fabric that strikes the perfect balance between thickness and breathability. The fabric has a crisp and structured feel that grows softer with every wash.
    • CARE: As genuine linen, this product requires additional care. Hand wash or machine wash in cold water using a mesh bag. Lay flat to dry. To achieve a flawless appearance, use an iron to smooth out any creases.
    • MATERIAL: 40% Linen, 60% Cotton
    • This scarf is sewn pretied, so you can just throw it on, no tying necessary! 

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