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SB SILK Wrap Scarf - Cream Lace

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The SB SILK Collection

100% Raw Silk

This Silk Wrap Scarf is a Versatile All year round Piece! 

Different ways you can wear it:

- Hair Wrap


-Tied as a bow around your pony tail or bun

- Purse accessory

- Tied around your neck or wrist

An icon of luxury, the silk scarf represents quality and timeless style. The perfect addition to your accessories collection, meant to be lived in and loved for years to come.

Size: 150 CM X 7.5 CM

Care Instructions:

Hand Wash -  Submerge in basin of clean water with a few drops of gentle liquid soap. Gently swirl around for 2 minutes. Lay flat on a towel and gently pat to press out the water. Hang to dry.

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